Nihon Kohden LifeScope VS BSM-3562 Bedside Patient Monitor


The bedside Life Scope VS BSM-3562 Nihon Kohden monitor with touch 12,1 " the color LCD display, 15 channels of curves and 2 mnogofuntsionalny ports (smart connectors). Measurement of SpO2 on BluPRO®

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Nihon Kohden Life Scope VS BSM-3562 Bedside Patient Monitor.

Model-BSM-3562. SN-00603.

Comes with everything pictured and power supply.

Has some marks, scratches and, stickers Residue.

The family of monitors of patients of Life Scope VS of the NIHON KOHDEN company supports a wide set of functions which can be used in many clinical areas. Previously adjusted monitor of the patient of BSM-3000 integrates classical functions and the most modern technologies in one compact device. 


The fixed parameters:

- ECG, impedance respiration, NIAD, SpO2 (NK, Nellcor, Masimo), temperature (2 channels)

Any choice of parameters:

- BISx, IBD, HZV, CO2 (method of the main flow)
Any parameters can be chosen by means of the MULTI socket. The parametrical MULTI socket automatically distinguishes the connected sensor cable then the monitor configures parameter as appropriate and begins measurement process. At the same time separate settings or different modules are not required even if parameter changes. Thanks to it the user has an opportunity to freely select parameters, to save expenses and at the same time to provide effective monitoring of a state of health of the patient.

Additional parameters:

- 8-channel EEG, measurement of anesthesiology gas, measurement of a collateral flow of CO2, external devices
- Screen size: 12,1" (BSM-3562, BSM-3553, BSM-3532), 15" (BSM-3763, BSM-3753, BSM-3733)
- Color touch screen
- Free setup of 14 or 15 curves (BSM-3500 or BSM-3700)
- The additional screen which can be adjusted as the main or minor screen
- a 12-channel electrocardiogram with 10 electrodes
- 12-channel ST analysis
- The complex one-contact and multicontact analysis of arrhythmia (record of 23 different events) and reproduction of the kept data
- Saving numerical graphic data on tendencies in 24 hours (in addition: 72 hours)
- Full display to 5 curves in 24 hours (in addition: 72 hours)
- TTPW (time of transfer of pulse wave) – measurement of noninvasive arterial pressure on the basis of temporary characteristics of pulse wave
- Data exchange between devices of patients (16 devices)
- Connection to two external devices (in addition)
- Remote service (in addition)
- 3-channel module of record of a heat chamber (in addition)