Edwards E2M28 - Dual Stage High Capacity Vacuum Pump


Edwards E2M28 - Dual Stage High Capacity Vacuum Pump

The Edwards E2M28 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump offers excellent ultimate pumping speed while providing quiet operation. With outstanding vapor handling capabilities, the E2M28 is a reliable and versatile 208V vacuum pump.

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There are a multitude of applications for the Edwards E2M28, including use with sterilization, mass spectrometry, lasers, vacuum distillation, epoxy degassing, brake line evacuation, freeze drying, space research, refrigeration dehydration, vacuum ovens, backing combinations, thin film coating, and other vacuum processes.

Manufacture Specifications
 Max water vapor inlet pressure

 22.5 torr (30 mbar)

 Max allowed pressure at outlet

 0.5 bar gauge/7 psig

 Max water vapor capacity

 700 grams/hour

 Operating temperature range

 54°F to 104°F (12°C to 40°C)

 Oil capacity  Minimum 1.4 quart (1.3 L), maximum 1.6 quart (1.5 L)
 Oil type  Ultragrade 19
 Nominal rotation speed  1400/1720 rpm
 Noise level  57 dB(A)
 Inlet connection  NW25/KF25
 Outlet connection  Nozzle 15mm external removable from 3/4 in BSP tapped hole