Invitrogen Attune NxT Gen Autosampler A25529

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Invitrogen Attune NxT Gen Autosampler A25529

New in box as pictured. Does not come with focusing fluid and waste bottles.

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Broad compatibility—Compatible with many different plate formats, including 96-well, 384-well, and deep-well plates.

  • Intelligent probe—Intelligent probe design minimizes clogging and carryover (1.0%) and prevents damage to the instrument.
  • Auto cleaning—Performs automated cleaning when the instrument is shutting down.
  • Consistent data—Designed to provide minimal variation regardless of sampling method (tube vs. plate) and collection rate.
  • Mixing by aspiration—Mixing sample by aspiration instead of shaking ensures homogeneity of the sample and maintains cell viability.

Manufacture Specifications:

  • High-throughput mode acquisition time: <42 min for 96-well plate, <180 min for 384-well plate (using one rinse and one mix, and full analysis of a 40 μL sample)
  • Carryover: <0.5% in plate loader format (standard mode, 2 wash cycles); multiple-rinse capability for ultralow carryover
  • Sample mixing: Mixing optimized to preserve cell viability; mixing cycles optimized to sample analysis volume
  • Mixing method: Each well mixed via full aspiration (no shaking)
  • Wash cycle: User-defined number of wash cycles, dependent on plate-processing protocol and time to acquire plates
  • Minimum dead volume (single draw): 30 μL for 12.5–200 μL/min, 50 μL for 50–1,000 μL/min
  • Sample window: Protectively coated window allows visibility to well progress while preventing exposure to ambient light during acquisition
  • Auto-calibration: Regular, 30-day interval, system-initiated function
  • Plate and tube compatibility: One-click transition from tubes to plates and vice versa; no disassembly, no additional QC, no reboot required for conversion between plates and tubes
  • Compatible plate types: 96 deep-well (flat, round, and V-bottom), 96-well standard depth (flat, round, and V-bottom), 384-well standard depth (flat, round, and V-bottom), 384 deep-well (flat, round, and V-bottom)
  • Cleaning cycles: Automated daily and monthly cleaning protocols
  • Fluidics requirements: 800 mL total of onboard fluid tanks, capable of running four 96-well plates
  • Extended fluidics option: Optional external fluid tank with 10 L fluid capacity