SIUI CTS-800 Veterinary Ultrasound with Linear Probe

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Gravity Sensor: You can operate the ultrasound system either in transversal layout or vertical layout. It can automatically adapt to two different layouts when you rotate it.

Grid for estimation: With grid on the image area you can easily estimate the size of the target substance like follicle fertilized egg etc.

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-0.8kg only

-7-inch WVGA LCD monitor

-Display mode includes B, 2B, ZOOM B, B/M and M mode

-Environmental rating IP64 (main unit) and IP67 (probe head)

-Battery can last 4.5 hours for operating

-Software & Report for reproductive system

-Gravity sensor for layout change (transverse/vertical)

-Measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angle, heart rate

-Reproductive software for equine, bovine, ovine, canine, feline and primate

-Portable unit w/ 7″ display, Multi-Frequency  probes, 2 years warranty