Hiossen Crestal Approach Sinus Kit

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Hiossen Crestal Approach Sinus Kit CAS Kit Osstem Dental Implant New

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CAS KIT Easy-To-Learn Sinus Lift Technique

Our Crestal Approach Sinus Kit (CAS - KIT) makes a bone augmentation procedure easy and predictable, combining the advantage of high volume bone placement of the lateral window approach.

Hiossen’s CAS-Kit provides a complete set of instruments specifically designed to easily and safely perform crestal approach sinus augmentation without fear of membrane damage.

Hydraulic Lift System

Atraumatic and controlled Schneiderian membrane elevation is achieved via the Hydraulic Lift System. Initial elevation performed by the CAS-drill prepares the sinus membrane to apply hydraulic pressure to the cavity, gently separating the membrane from the bony sinus floor. Giving you control and patients significant comfort.

Stopper System

Osteotomy depth control and patient safety are precisely managed by the CAS Stopper System is designed as a dependable and simple safety feature, to prevent over drilling. Delivering the precision you need to perform crestal sinus augmentation with confidence and predictability.