Orion 150i Micro Pulse Arc Welding System


Hooked all units up to each other, verified that all parts turn on, tested all functions of the control screen and verified that the screen is fully functional, tested all adjustable portions of the microscope and verified that the microscope is functional, unable to test the Welder because it requires Argon Gas, verified that the Welder turns on, the unit has some minor marks on it

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Item Includes: Control Screen, Microscope, Welder, Foot Pedal, Getting started DVDs

Your purchase will NOT include: Argon Gas, Manufacture Warranty, Anything not shown in the photographs - other accessories not shown or listed here.

This product is pre-owned and may not include the same accessories as a new, unused unit.

Product Condition

Used, functional
Unable to Test the Welder(No Argon Gas)
Minor Marks

Manufacturer: Orion
Model: 150I Pulse
Serial Number: OP100464
Power Requirements: 120V
Year: 2012